To raise up liberating leaders who will change leadership culture in every major sector and city in the world.

Who We Are

GiANT Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.

GiANT is motivated to raise the standard of leadership around the world. We believe that if we grow humble, liberating leaders then we will have less drama and insecurity within organizations, while at the same time improving productivity and health. We want to raise up leaders who know themselves and lead themselves. Leaders who know how to calibrate high support and high challenge are able to create a culture of empowerment and opportunity.

Our heart-level content is relevant for everyone in an organization, not just C-level executives. We’ve created simple, memorable tools to help people understand themselves and connect well with others. We all lead in some capacity, and GiANT empowers people to be intentional and not accidental in all their relationships, both professional and personal. GiANT helps people do life better together, whatever the context.

We believe that if we commit to becoming and building leaders worth following, then we will see a massive shift in the cultures of organizations, families, cities, and countries across the world.


We help people become leaders worth following, build leaders worth following, and lead organizations everyone wants to work for.

Our Values

Self Awareness

Know yourself to lead yourself. Self-awareness is the single most important leadership tool. Before you can hope to lead others well, you must first learn to lead yourself well.


What is love? It is simply to fight for the highest possible good in the life of another. When we love others we show them, through word and deed, that we are for them.


Accept. Adapt. Overcome. That is the mantra of ingenuity. In order to maximize efficiency through ingenuity, teams must always remain flexible, creative, and mobile.

Heroic Goals

Who says we can’t? Why settle for what is when we can be the ones to determine what could be? No great change in the world was ever created by dreaming too small.