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We're a tight knit team working across the US. Our mission is to equip experts who use our technology to unlock people.

Amy Ferguson
Accounting Manager
Amy Mast
Director of Corporate Growth
Anne O'Hea
Accounting Assistant
Bronson Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Ediger
Director of Partners
Connelly Rader
Director of User Experience
Hunter Hodge
Director of Training
Jared Humphries
VP of Finance & Administration
Jeremie Kubicek
Executive Chairman
Justin Westbrooks
Director of Marketing
Landon Burgin
Senior Engineer
Lucas Taylor
Chief Technology Officer
Mike Oppedahl
Misty Foster
Customer Support
Steve Cockram
Tracy Rader
Director of Implementation
People First

We believe your culture is only as good as those that drive it.

Our entire philosophy is built on four core values: Self-Awareness, Ingenuity, Heroic Goals, and Love.

Everything we do keeps these four things in mind. From decisions to strategy to helping you and your team find a balance of support and challenge.
Team Members
Located across the US and in the UK.
Located in over 35 countries.
Meet our consultants.
Aaron Lee
Aaron Long
Abraham Gin
Amy Norton
Andrew Robinson
Brandon Hutchins
Brian Williamson
Chad Missildine
Chandra Jarrett
Courtney Jordan
Dan Frey
Dan Huckins
Dan Iverson
Daniel Joy
Deborah Davis
Dr. Jessica Rimmer
Dr. Joseph Hill
Dustin Fenton
Edwin Backler
Fritz Baertschy
Gabriel Achayo
Gerry Hartis
Holly Moore
JD Martin
Jay Sampson
Jeff Ridenour
Jerris Duncan
Jim Lee
Jordan Mitchell
Joy Hammons
Kayla Kersey
Keri Stewart
Kevin DeShazo
Kim Galske
LInnea Miller
Landon Lynch
Maria Guy
Mark Herringshaw
Mark Tilsher
Mike Hardie
Paula Tully
Pepper Espinoza-Tenorio
Rich Webb
Rohan Dredge
Ryan Underwood
Rynell Schock
Scott Jackson
Scott Wiethoff
Shaun Lee
Shawn Collins
Skot Waldron
Steve Gasser
Suzi Lantz
Tim Perseo
Tom Nebel

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