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Certifications You Receive in Accelerate.

Discover Your Leadership Voice
Become a master of the 5 Voices and leverage it with your clients. 5 Voices was developed to simplify the complexities of personality assessments in a way that was easy to learn, apply and multiply (intentionally transfer) to everyone throughout an organization.

We strongly believe that everyone needs to hear & understand their voice. The 5 Voices helps you do three distinctly powerful things: discover your leadership voice, communicate more effectively, and increase performance.
9 Modules · 5 Workshops · Weekly Training & Support (Included in Accelerate)
Become. Build. Lead.
This series is designed to equip you with everything you need to create 100X Leaders inside your teams and organization as a whole. This process will help you establish an objective leadership language, a common framework and set of standards for defining leadership development in your organization, and a powerful set of tools and key content for consistently developing leaders worth following in your organization.

Every workshop is grounded in data. We will use a study to anchor our approach for each workshop and justify the tools we use in it. Each workshop will also include a PDF workbook for participants to use and document their insights.
8 Modules · 6 Workshops · 40+ Tools · Weekly Training & Support (Included in Accelerate)
The Best Leaders Help Others to the Top.
Advanced coaching exercises you can use to consult with your clients.

The Sherpa Coaching program is designed to help individuals first experience their own transformation, and secondly to equip them to multiply and lead others in their journey of transformation.
35+ Exercises · 60+ Tools · Weekly Training & Support (Included in Accelerate)
Prepare Your Clients to Lead in the Digital Age
Given the recent global crisis, more and more teams are working remotely.

Leading in the digital age is challenging, and your clients need help in this area. The Digital Age Team Leader training is specifically designed to give you tools and resources you can use to coach your clients through the process of leading in the digital world.

Topics include productivity, communication, alignment, culture building, execution, mindset, tools, innovation, and more.
12 Modules · Weekly Training & Support (Included in Accelerate)
"Highest Quality Training & Development I've been through many different trainings & certification programs. GiANT does this one right."
Patrick C. ★★★★★
Financial & Strategic Consultant
"This certification process has been transformational, and this content has drastically altered how I lead and relate to others."
Paul T. ★★★★★
Director of Events
"The whole process has been and will continue to be a framework of continued exploration and growth both personally and professionally."
Myra H. ★★★★★
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