Their stated biggest problem, according to organizational leaders, was their flat organizational structure along with their very geographically diverse locations. These issues, leaders said verbatim, “demand great people skills, collaboration skills, the capacity to lead yourself well, and understand other people.” This is what they contracted us to develop.



Endava is a successful and rapidly growing IT company with a very intentional growth strategy including acquisitions. Previous acquisitions in the business had worked, but been slower and more costly in terms of time, money and turnover than they had hoped.


Jaynes Corp.

In 2013, Jayne’s leadership suspected there was a problem. After taking stock of their leadership pipeline across all four offices, the company realized it either didn’t have the right people in the right place, or hadn’t prepared their people with the right skills and leadership capabilities to fulfill their own vision of internal success.



Due to accelerated expansion, Sourcewell has had staffing increases of 30% per year and every new employee entering their culture faces one of two challenges: adjusting to their results-driven mindset or understanding the passion of their culture generated without any profit incentive. Each side struggles to assimilate the uniquely ingenious Sourcewell culture.