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As consultants, we're able to bring data-driven focus and tailored content to the organizations we work with.

A picture of Suzi Lantz, a consultant

Suzi Lantz, Certified Consultant

"I love this company. I love this product, and I love the team who delivers it. They are encouraging, empowering and have the highest integrity. They take into account what people bring to the table and help them accept their gifts and learn how to be aware of the things that can be challenges for them. The work to become certified is just as transformational as the work that is delivered is intended to be."
Janice H. ★★★★★
Vistage Chair
"I strongly recommend the GiANT Program for any individual, group, team or organization interested in improving their performance and productivity. The simple concept of “Know Yourself to Lead Yourself” has positively impacted my family and external relationships. Anyone who truly values being a leader, wants to be a leader “worth following” which requires a great deal of intentionality. This system teaches you how to do that."
Dawn C. ★★★★★
Strategic Consultant (former US Navy)
"I would highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to lead themselves and their teams to their fullest potential. Understand what drives you and what causes you to underperform. Understand the same things for those who work closest to you. The result? Increased, positive communication, confidence and renewed commitment to your vision. And that’s just scratching the surface!"
Naomi A. ★★★★★
Business Coach
"The GiANT Program is outstanding! Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to have support from my supervisors and organizations to participate in multiple leadership development and growth initiatives. While they were all very good and helped me in discovering various strengths, weaknesses, patterns of behavior, etc. - quite frankly, they were all quite 'forgettable'. Meaning that after the initial energy and excitement to learn something new about me and how I tick, unfortunately it did not translate into a sustainable, broad reaching initiative outside my own personal development. GiANT is different - they bring a simple, sustainable, and broad reaching approach. The impact will be immediate, long lasting and personal to the people, teams, and culture of the organization."
Jeff W. ★★★★★
"GiANT is a Game Changer. [As for the certification process...] Great content and presentation of material. Clear format and ease of use with the technology was wonderful."
Jill P. ★★★★★
Collegiate Athletics
"Invaluable resource for true leadership. The GiANT Program has given me invaluable tools for myself, family, life, coaching and leadership. If you want to be an exceptional leader in the new world - these are the tools."
Kelly S. ★★★★★
Strategic Consultant
"The GiANT Program has impacted me on multiple levels. The whole process has been and will continue to be a framework of continued exploration and growth both personally and professionally."
Myra H. ★★★★★
"This certification process has been transformational, and this content has drastically altered how I lead and relate to others, especially in a work or results-based environment. It is well worth the price and I know it will be beneficial for you, your closest relationships, and your team[those you serve]!"
Paul T. ★★★★★
Director of Events
"I'm Thankful. The GiANT Certification process helped me to zero in on better understanding how I communicate and how others hear me. Another great part of this training is the way the process makes team collaboration practical and understandable for all team members. I'm thankful I've had a chance to become certified to train others on this outstanding process - and look forward to seeing teams improve their productivity, effectiveness, and enjoyment in working together!"
Jim D. ★★★★★
Career Coach/Consultant
"Highest Quality Training & Development I've been through many different trainings & certification programs. GiANT does this one right. Along with the material, you have ample face time with their staff to learn, ask questions and talk about your own journey. The material provided is comprehensive for what you'll need to present to others. Absolutely without hesitation, I recommend this company to anyone. (Obviously, you'd want to be the kind of professional that would utilize the training.)"
Patrick C. ★★★★★
Financial & Strategic Consultant