XCore is designed to help good leaders become great leaders by helping individuals become fully aware of what it is like to be on the other side of themselves and adjust.



A 12-month in-person program to help you accelerate your growth by developing your people. It's specifically designed to transform the way that teams operate. The strategies and tools we cover are particularly powerful for organizations who can quickly implement and apply the learning.


Transforming Team Communication

Experience the power of the 5 Leadership Voices in this series of interactive workshops. Together you will deepen relational trust, unlock your team’s true potential and accelerate its performance.


Leader Intensive

This 1:1 deep-dive with a GiANT Consultant provides leaders with the opportunity to truly stop, assess their current reality, understand their core motivations and drivers, and develop a clear vision of their preferred future for every area of their lives. Offered in 4-hour and 24-hour options.


Team Intensive

Team Intensives are transformational experiences we offer for teams of 6-12. Everyone on your team is uniquely wired with skill sets that, when utilized, can dramatically increase performance. This process helps teams analyze all of the unique skills and wiring on the team, determine the most strategic roles for the members, communicate more effectively, and execute in less time with less headaches.