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"The biggest influence GiANT has had on me is a heightened awareness of my own leadership style and tendencies. I’m recognizing more than ever how my vision and communication style may or may not translate to others. The way I communicate has already begun to change and how I relate to other people has fundamentally changed. A key component of the process is the GiANT toolkit. It’s a simple, yet visual leadership language that is easy to learn and remember as you’re leading your team. It’s one thing to get the ideas, it’s another thing to understand leadership language, but to communicate that language and actually have it stick and become part of your culture is perhaps the most important."
Travis D.
Healthcare Industry
"The GiANT program has radically altered my view and application of leadership in very real and tangible ways. GiANT is not just another leadership training course."
Kevin B.
Manufacturing Industry
"The first part of the voyage is understanding and knowing yourself. When it comes to that, there is no one better than GiANT. If you have never heard the phrase “know yourself to lead yourself”, you will come to embrace that while working with GiANT. But it doesn’t stop there. The next part of the voyage addresses how you’re leading other people. How do I understand who you are? How do you perceive what I’m trying to communicate? GiANT is all about making yourself a better leader. They give you the tools, vocabulary, relationships and influence from others that help you go back to your organization and be more effective."
Matt H.
Technology Industry
"GiANT has helped me truly grasp and understand my personality, style of leadership, and tendencies. But the most challenging aspect of leadership is how to draw out ideas, opinions and input from other people who are different than me. I'm in a situation where we are really trying to change and build the culture, and using a common leadership language from GiANT is the foundational piece that is required to start that process."
Lowrie M.
Education Industry
"I have installed this leadership culture in my company and we saw a 64% increase in revenue production and a 42% increase in capacity. It just plain works."
David B.
Technology Industry
"The skills and relevance from GiANT may be one of the greatest returns on investment you could ever make. If you want to change your culture and become a more effective leader, you cannot err with GiANT."
Mickie D.
Oil & Natural Gas Industry
"GiANT has been really helpful in developing our leaders to sustain the high growth of our company while making sure that we intentionally keep and nurture the current culture within the company."
Goran S.
Technology Industry
"Utilizing GiANT’s System has made us better and faster at making important decisions. We have a common language to work from. This process has made us aware of our silos and we are able to collaborate and appreciate each other despite our organizational issues. Not uncommon to hear the words “get off your Guardian stand” in working together to meet objectives and goals."
Clay D.
Manufacturing Industry
"We have been working with GiANT for a couple years and the CORE philosophy along with its tools have been the largest factor in transforming our team into humility-based leaders. Our culture and business has thrived under GiANT's influence."
Andrew D.
Automotive Industry
"As I've interacted with other leaders in my network, I've already been recommending the GiANT to them for one reason: you have to know yourself to lead yourself. This is an axiom that you will hear over and over again because it is so important for us to keep in mind as we are on our leadership journey."
Holly M.
Professional Development Industry