Creating a Leadership System for the Modern Workplace.

The Future of Leadership Development is Here.

Leaders define culture. The 100X System is a scalable, cost-effective solution that will transform the leadership capability of your whole organization.


The Only System You Will Ever Need to Develop Leaders at Every Level.

The 100X System will train internal champions — we call them “Sherpas.” Leaders who learn how to utilize our platform and tools to become 100% healthy and multiply (X) into their teams and the wider organization.



Your People, Your Culture

You can’t outsource culture. Instead, we will help you equip your sub-culture leaders who affect the culture at every level inside your organization.

Start by Creating Internal Leadership Experts

Each leader will be trained how to use the GiANT Toolkit, equipping them to become the leadership experts who transform the sub-cultures of your whole organization.

Powerful Leadership Tools

Gone are the days when leadership development was simply a “book of the month, “lunch and learn” or the occasional workshop. Your leaders will be learning how to use proven leadership tools that are being used all over the world. They cover everything from personality and communication to casting vision and leading change. You name it, we have a tool for it! 

Solve Real Problems

Remove the barriers that are slowing your teams down and raise the leadership capacity of your entire organization. Leaders will deepen their understanding of how to use the tools because they are using them live with their teams every day.



Scale Leadership Development to Everyone in Your Organization

Leadership development shouldn’t just be for those at the top. It should be available to everyone, anywhere, anytime. The future success of your organization in the digital world depends on it. 

Every Employee

You will have the opportunity to enroll every single employee on the platform. Here they will have their own login and be able to access the life changing experiences we’ve created. They will be able to own their personal growth and develop their leadership skills. 

One Platform

Everything we’ve created is now on one simple to navigate platform. Everyone is engaging with the same tools, allowing you to create a common leadership language that will shape your whole culture. 

Multiple Apps

There are a rapidly expanding range of apps on the platform that have been created to enhance the user experience. From streaming videos, team assessments, learning pathways and groups, you have everything you need to win. 

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Leverage Real-time Data to Help Increase Team Health and Performance

How engaged are your employees? Which sub-culture leaders are leading well? Which ones are not? Most organizations have no way of reliably measuring the health of their teams, let alone being able to recommend targeted learning for each. The 100X System solves this!

Gather Data & Insights

Our platform makes it super simple for every team leader (Sherpa) to administer assessments and take surveys. The Team 360 allows every Sherpa to gather the data they need to drive their teams performance. 

Set Clear Objectives

Through Sherpa Training, each team leader will have weekly exercises and assignments and leverage our Core Process for consistent self-awareness. Each Sherpa will also leverage the Team 360 to set objectives for the teams they lead.

Track Progress

Each Sherpa will be able to track their own personal progress but also the progress quantifiably through the Team 360 process.

Leadership Dashboard

Each organization can appoint an administrator who will be able to track progress across the entire organization. Administrators will be able to track overall platform usage, most popular series, personality mix and segment the data to match your structure. You will finally have a Leadership Dashboard that shows you exactly what is happening in every department, region or individual team.

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Transformation + Multiplication

Our content is proven to scale. Leaders can easily take our concepts to everyone on their team through objective language and simple tools. Find out how your company could benefit.



The foundation of team performance is effective communication. Our system drives true collaboration.


As your people use the system to know themselves and to know others, it will create deeper team relationships.


When the entire team is learning and growing at the same time, there is true alignment across your team.



When communication, relationships, and alignment are improved it directly affects the execution of any team.


Get more done, and get the right stuff done, with less friction, because of the wisdom gained through our system.

And so much more...

Organizations are changed in ways they didn’t expect when they encounter our teaching. How will GiANT help you?

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"The GiANT process has been more impactful than any other leadership training we have done."

Shad James, President, Jaynes Corp.


"This has been the best time we’ve ever invested in leadership development. The content is grounded in science."

Kelly Burke, Corporate HR Manager, Huhtamaki


"We leverage GiANT to provide tools, training, and methodologies that help us build and sustain a workplace culture to attract and retain great employees."

Chad Coauette, Director, Sourcewell

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