The most powerful, complete program.
The depth and substantive richness of this program and GiANT are unlike anything I've experienced.
Andrew R.
I went from a few clients to over 20.
After joining GiANT, my business grew so quickly that I've already had to hire an assistant.
Chandra J.
I can't believe I get paid to do this.
I have $435,000 in revenue booked using GiANT next year and I am only scheduled to deliver/work two weeks each month.
GiANT Consultant
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Aaron Lee
Aaron Long
Abraham Gin
Amy Norton
Andrew Robinson
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Chad Missildine
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Daniel Joy
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The most powerful, complete leadership and training program.

See what our Consultants are saying.

Amazing Experience.

“This certification process has been transformational, and this content has drastically altered how I lead and relate to others.”
Paul T.
Certified GiANT Guide
Best in Class Leadership Training.

GiANT is a best in class leadership tool, and the certification process is world class. Thorough teaching, terrific content, and access to the creators and their team throughout the process. Highly recommend GiANT and the Guide certification process.
Aaron L.
Certified GiANT Guide
I love this program.

I love this program, and I love the team who delivers it. They are encouraging, empowering and have the highest integrity. They take into account what people bring to the table and help them accept their gifts and learn how to be aware of the things that can be challenges for them. The work to become certified is just as transformational as the work that is delivered is intended to be.
Janice H
Certified GiANT Guide
Invaluable resource for true leadership.

Guide Certification has given me invaluable tools for myself, family, life, coaching and leadership. If you want to be an exceptional leader in the new world - these are the tools. GiANT’s leadership philosophy resonates with me in total clarity. To be an honorable, positive and effective leader you must know yourself, and realize the precious resource influence is and how to build, share and empower it. Thank you!
Certified GiANT Guide
The other massive upside to working with GiANT is that they think of all angles to empower your and your client’s success: from ongoing coaching during the training that is so valuable, to practical marketing tools so you don’t have to start from scratch, to continuing resources so you can refresh and get better at using all the tools consistently, it is an investment that continues to add value the further you dive into it. 
Landon L.
Certified GiANT Consultant
GiANT is a Gamechanger.

Great content and presentation of material. Clear format and ease of use with the technology was wonderful. The ability to review material was important. The coaching video’s allowed a more practical application from a presenters side. Jeremy’s “Mindset” video’s helped keep the values of supporting others front and center. I am excited to continue to share what I have learned with others.
Jill P.
Certified GiANT Guide