Version 1.0

Here are the latest updates, originally published on May 20, 2020.

What 1.0 Represents

We are working hard to deliver the 1.0 version of our product over the next few months, and we believe this will be the first version of our product worthy of a whole number delineation. Here is what is coming and why we are so excited about it:

Get voice insights and more about everyone in your organization

Our current dashboard gives you deep voice insights about yourself, but imagine having the ability to click on anyone in your organization and being able to see their voice insights. This will lead to a level of understanding and awareness that is rare in any organization. Note: as with all provisional things, the exact details of the data in the screenshots below is not 100% accurate.

People can be organized into teams

In version 1.0 of GiANT the administrator of the account will be able to put people into teams. This is important because now you will be able to track team performance at a glance across the organization.

Assess team performance across the organization

Our tools for assessing team performance are getting a major upgrade. You’ll be able to see how well your team is performing with beautiful graphs, and you’ll be given an action plan to improve low scores in specific areas.

Bulk upload of people into GiANT

It has always been difficult to manage a lot of people within GiANT, but with our next release we have included the ability to do bulk CSV uploading of accounts, and you can manage the accounts in a new visual interface.

August 4, 2020
Bronson Taylor